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The Company’s CORE Services

"AzRusTrans" CJSC provides the following complex of services related to transportation by rail in specialized rolling stock of grain and similar cargoes under international traffic:

Services for the provision of private wagons for the provision of transportation of goods of the customer or its counterparties;

Payment and financial services, including processing and payment of railway tariffs, fees, settlement operations for the carriage of goods with the carrier and freight forwarders (payment of freight charges) in the territory of the Russian Federation and Azerbaijan, as required;

Transport and forwarding services, including information services, provision of information on the progress of cargo and its approach to the destination station; provision of information on the disposition of laden and empty private wagons involving / planned to be involved in the carriage of the customer's cargo, provision of other information related to the provision of transportation services.

In addition to the above services, Rusagrotrans is CJSC is able to arrange the provision of the following services (in complex or separately):

1. Execution of documents:

Registration and issue of requests for transportation of the GU-12 cargoes to the railway station;

Filling out the railway bill;

Registration and provision of a document on the quality of cargo (certificate) to the carrier; - Registration of documents required for loading and transporting goods (contract for the provision of services for the supply of wagons on the way of non-public use, the certificate of compliance, quarantine certificate, phytosanitary certificate, test report, veterinary certificate, certificate of origin);

Coordination of the goods delivery by route shipments with Russian Railways.

2. Preparation and additional equipment of vehicles:

Ensuring the provision of locking and sealing devices, sealing of wagons;

Inspection of commercial suitability of wagons.

3. Information services:

The direction of detailed shipping information, including information about the departure station, destination station, wagon numbers and railway bills numbers, cargo weight in each wagon, grain quality in each wagon and other data for control of transportation, as well as services on sending copies of railway waybills on laden wagons and copies of railway consignment notes on empty wagons arriving at the loading station.

4. Payment and financial services:

Payment and financial services, including registration and payment for the wagon delivery / cleaning services, shunting operations, fines, fees, station charges and other payments to be made to the carrier due to the provision of services.

5. Loading and unloading operations and warehousing services:

Provision of loading of cargo into wagons, checking the quantity of cargo (ensurance of the cargo weighing operations).

6. Other freight forwarding services:

Preparation of cargo for transportation in accordance with the specified mandatory requirements and specifications.

7. Other services specified in the Customer's request

All services may be performed in the territory of Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation.

If you want to know the cost of transportation and request a price offer, fill out the form in the calculation of transportation;

If you want to know the cost of transportation and request a price offer, fill out the form in the calculation of transportation;